Anemometer small particularly suitable to be installed where it is necessary to look for the best position of the wind, also on the eaves.

console DK-WG


Additional module enables extending the wind protection function given by the DK-WG control unit to other sun blind motors. In fact, several additional modules can be connected to a single DK-WG control unit, meaning each blind can be commanded individually from an intermediate switch with the wind control function centralised on the control unit.

console DK-WG


Control unit is able to directly command a sun blind motor and integrate a wind protection function. If the wind speed exceeds the set limit the blind is closed automatically. For as long as the wind speed is above the limit, the blind cannot be manually commanded from the intermediate switch. This safety alarm lasts



Radio sensor that detects the wind intensity through the vibrations that the wind produces on the awning. The device is powered with 2 x 1.5V AAA batteries and can detect the vibrations from three directions by means of radio transmitting integrated module. The device controls the motor or the radio receiver that is connected to